Democracy Lite?

18. Juli 2012

The Threat from Democracy Lite … Very well written, outspoken, provoking and worth reading! Martin Plaut, co-author with Paul Holden of Who rules South Africa?’, to be published by Biteback Publishing in August, argues on African Arguments that the current clashes between rival factions within the ANC throw spotlight on the real power structure in South Africa …

Here’s an interesting excerpt:

[…] where does power now really reside?

For a start, it is held in the informal councils of the Tripartite Alliance, which brings together the ANC and its allies in the COSATU unions and the Communist Party. The debates inside these caucuses are where issues are thrashed out. This explains, at least in part, why these relationships are frequently so heated. These are not just discussions between friends or colleagues; they are where the real decisions are made that shape the future of the country.

But we need to look further than this, since other centres of power stand behind the Alliance.

These include:

  • Rival South African intelligence agents and agencies, which have involved themselves in the ANC’s internal political struggles;
  • The growing black middle class who have made their way in the world through Black Economic Empowerment policies and state tenders, some of which don’t stand up to scrutiny;
  • The rising influence of the funders of the ANC, as the party of government, including the white elite.

Perhaps the most insidious, and least reported, influence is that of organised crime. The rise of criminal networks, whether from Colombia or Nigeria, Thailand or Italy now play an undeniable role in South African life.

I guess, one should read that book …

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