Robert Mugabe wettert weiter gegen Schwule. Und in Kamerun können Kondome Gefängnis bedeuten. Diesmal ganz ohne Satire . Read the rest of this entry »

Very good read on Mali’s elections by the the great Bridges from Bamako blog

Bridges from Bamako

The international media flock to cover elections for the same reasons they flock to cover sensational courtroom trials: these happenings are scheduled in advance, and have great potential for drama. As another election draws near, the world’s attention is turning back to Mali after a brief post-Serval lull.

US media coverage of African elections tends to frame election day as the culmination of a process of transition from an unstable, authoritarian society to a peaceful, democratic one. It portrays voting as organized by ethnic blocs, and focuses on what candidates say in their campaign speeches rather than what voters actually expect them to do. Such depictions are often misleading. Since understanding what’s at stake in Mali’s election depends on asking the right questions, I’d like to propose the following ones along with some preliminary answers.

How will voting take place?

Mali’s 1992 constitution requires the winner of a presidential election…

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Wählt Robert Mugabe! Wählt Zanu-PF! Wählt Heterosexuelle! Bizarres aus dem Neuland Simbabwe. Read the rest of this entry »

Schöne Sätze: Christie

22. Juli 2013

„Wenn man sich mit vier Jahren in die Putzfrau verknallt, hält man sich mit achtunddreißig für den Erzbischof von Canterbury. Ich habe zwar nie kapiert, wieso und warum, aber diese Psychofritzen können es sehr überzeugend erklären.“

(Agatha Christie, Der Tod wartet)

On Monday, July 15, Eric Lembembe, Cameroon’s most prominent LGBTI rights activists, was found dead in his home in Yaoundé. His body showed signs of severe torture. He is only the latest tragic victim of homophobic furor in Africa. He knew what might happen to him as he exposed what had happened to others, but in his very last article which was published after his death he still sounds optimistic.

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„We need miracles“

10. Juli 2013

„We need jobs. We need good grades. We need green cards. We need American passports. We need our parents to understand that we are Americans. We need our children to understand they are Nigerians. We need new kidneys, new lungs, new limbs, new hearts. We need to forget the harsh rigidity of our lives, to remember why we believe, to be beloved, and to hope.
We need miracles.“
(Tope Folarin, Miracle)
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„So they left the Lakes and began the long journey to Matadi and marriage. Whether or not they lived happily ever after is not easily decided.“

(Cecil Scott Forester, The African Queen)

„Trugbilder, Phantasmagorien, Hirngespinste, Einbildungen – diese ganze Welt also, die Produkt unserer Gedanken sind und nur in diesen existiert, ist stärker als alle realen Welten und hat ein drückendes Übergewicht gegenüber diesen. Wir sind bereit, für sie alles zu geben, sogar unser Leben.“


(Ryszard Kapuściński, Notizen eines Weltbürgers)